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Your SOMATOM go. CT scanner for consistent high-quality results in routine and chosen advanced tasks

Mobile CT scanner operation

SOMATOM go.All is built on an innovative concept of mobile operation and workflow automation. It features a line-up of innovative solutions that bring an unparalleled level of flexibility to daily CT routines.

Standardized CT workflows

GO technologies provide guidance and support for the entire workflow. From patient preparation to image reading, everything is automated and standardized – allowing you to enter advanced clinical fields like cardiac CT with confidence.

Cardiac CT made easy

Grow your CT business with a solution that helps you deliver consistent high-quality results in every cardiac case.

Easy CT-guided intervention with a trendsetting tablet-based workflow

Built on the new mobile workflow, Guide&GO for easy CT-guided intervention is both familiar and easy to use. In terms of safety, Tin Filter technology reduces dose to protect the patient and the interventionist.

New CT user guidance

The SOMATOM go.All is built on a groundbreaking concept of mobile operation and workflow automation. At the heart of our new mobile workflow, we implemented visual guidance that is clear and easy to follow: The guided path.

SOMATOM® go.All enables all users to confidently take on advanced CT procedures. The CT scanner features a unique tablet-based mobile workflow, user guidance with our GO technologies, and exclusive innovations such as Tin Filter low-dose technology. It is built for standardization of procedures and results, and allows CT operators to interact with patients in a more personalized way than ever before.

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