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As a healthcare executive, your three main targets are achieving clinical excellence, greater operational efficiency, and financial sustainability. In today’s quickly evolving healthcare markets, this can prove challenging. That is why we foster a continuous dialogue between you and Siemens Healthcare - together reflecting, substantiating, and implementing successful business strategies. As your partner, our aim is to help you succeed by turning your thoughts into actions that make a difference.

Market Survey: The Future of Healthcare Services

Is faster-than-market growth in your company’s future?

Working with Healthcare Business International, we surveyed lab and hospital executives about the healthcare market and their responses were surprising! For example, in both developed and emerging markets, respondents expect their companies to exhibit above-average growth.1 Check it out:


Featured topic: Up for a financial challenge?

Executive Business - Newsarticle - Financial Performance

Consider this: In Europe alone, 22% of hospitals are considered to be at high financial risk.2 In times of healthcare reforms and strong competition, delivering high-quality care while keeping a business financially sustainable can be a challenge. Check out our white paper and get insights about managing costs, risk, and financing to shape an economically sustainable business.

Draw inspiration from our customers' experiences

CFOs in 13 Countries on Managing Change

CFOs in13 countries managing change

Research reveals that healthcare organizations are using smart finance to transform their delivery of healthcare services.

The Future with Evidence-based Medicine

Evidence-based Medicine

Health economics expert professor Reiner Leidl on new healthcare financing options in various country contexts.

Fitting to the Budget Plan

Operational Efficiency VS Staying in Budget

A customized financing solution for Princeton Radiology’s equipment upgrade that fits the organization’s budget plans.

Ticket to Affordable Healthcare

Ticket to Affordable Healthcare

When Changchun Orthopedic Hospital wanted to improve service to the local population, leasing was the answer.

Here is how we can help you strengthen your financial performance

1 Survey carried out by HBI in association with Siemens Healthcare, on 81 healthcare executives in developed and emerging markets. April 2016. Data on file.

2 Accenture: Insight Driven Health – Europe’s Hospitals: An industry operating in the red, 2014; Rated at the probability of default of credit standing

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